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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sick your child is sick Pubg game, know how? || Pubg game very dangerous effects on child. forget pubg

  Dilip Yadav       Sunday, 17 March 2019

The craze to play online games is seen not only in the youth but also in children, which is constantly growing rapidly. These days, 'PabG Game' is getting a lot of craze. So far, this game has been downloaded more than 50 million on Google PlayStore, but this craze is coming out as a dirty addiction in the youth.
Grayscale Photography of Girl Using Smartphone
Young adults and children are getting addicted
Young people and children are becoming so used to playing this game that they are sticking with the phone day and night. To fulfill the task of the game, they neither care about eating nor sleeping. If your child is ignoring you while playing PB then you need to be alert.
 Person Sitting on Rock Near Water
Why are kids getting 'Pabji' from the game?
There are many types of hi-tech features in the game, which include motivational sensing technology and powerful sound, along with attractative graphics, which are very liked by the children. Boys like this are more than girls because this is action game.
2 Boy Sitting on Brown Floor While Using Their Smartphone Near Woman Siiting on Bench Using Smartphone during Daytime
How are the games delivering health losses?
By sitting in the same position without movement and keeping your eyes fixed in the same position in hours, it is badly affecting the site. Sitting in the neck starts to suffer from neck pain, hump, and not to eat food. Apart from this, insomnia, lack of appetite, mental discomfort, lack of coordination with the family, irritability can also be due to this.
1.    Indigestion and obesity
There is no movement in the body due to sitting in one place all day, and consequent difficulties in reaching the food. Children eat and sit in one place, which can also cause obesity.

2.  Eye vulnerability
The blue light of the mobile is likewise considered to be harmful to the eyes, while constantly scanning the eyes for the game for many hours, the eyesight becomes weak.
Grayscale Photography of Crying Woman
3.  Discomfort
The child spends several hours playing the game. Their task increases in order to win its task and they also ignore sleep. Slowly this habit makes him a victim of insomnia.
Three Women Standing Near Man Holding Smartphones
4. Depression and mental stress
The cause of mental stress and depression in the child is also video games. The thought of winning all day game and pushing it towards the stress.
Bird's Eye View Photo Of Island

5.  Violent temperament
Fighting and fighting action in the game is making the child's behavior violent. Like a toy made in the game, the child starts behaving like that in real life. In his behavior there is a lack of irritation, loneliness and endurance. Like the game, he starts behaving violently with people around him.
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